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Ichiro957 reviews Deus Ex: Human Revolution (X360)

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Ichiro957 said...

This series is one of my most favorite! And what I hate, is that it is hard to find people who played the original games. Mainly cause they were all great and interactive in soo many ways! That the replays are always changing and different. This game takes place before the first game. A prequel yes. But what I love is that it has from start to finish, several ways to play it! Wanna go gun ho? Grab a pistol and get them head shots. Wanna stealth? Will that be sneaking? Or decoys? Wanna sabotage and demolish? Decide if you want to hack a turret or lay traps. Wanna go through alternate routes? They vary from vents to doors and roofs, to sometimes invites through blackmailing and convincing security to let ya in. Bottom line, think sandbox. And you get this! And if you change it at all, you will always get new elements each time you played! I played this 7 times. And this game was the smallest in comparisonto the other games before it! The first game I played 16 times, and I kid you not, it was ddifferent everytime in how I played and in choices I made. And story, forget it! It has great story and ways to alter and advance it! And interaction is beyond supperb. Its amazing! Between conspiracy and organizations, to characters and design. This game will have you spinning. But you need skill to! Say you go gunning it like COD? If you miss too much or fail that headshot too many times, this game isn't giving you a care package! Its gonna make ya change and adapt to your mistakes. Hell, I even ran out of ammo once. I had to throw a vending machine at one dude and shoot the other behind me as I did! Grabbing his ammo, just to kill the dude with the vending machine on top of him. One of few times I failed in stealthing through. But that example is what I mean by adapt! Which not many games do well in. Whi g feels so rewarding when you can easily get that creative! And pull it off. Which is why I reccomend this game highlym and the original one to if you love this! Which is far supperior. "Deus Ex the Conspiracy." With that, all I can say is this game is great. But if you suck and need a game that rewards mistakes with easy fixes, this isn't for you. But if you love diversity and style, this game will work out great!

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Deus Ex: Human Revolution

Deus Ex: Human Revolution (X360)

Genre/Style: Role-playing
Release Date: 23/AUG/11
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